Have an idea or suggestion to share with the 2019-2020 Hightower PTA board? Contact us at one of the following email addresses below!


To download the 2019-2020 PTA Board Org Chart, click here.


Not sure who to contact? We can help! Just email ask@hightowerpta.org and your inquiry will be directed to the appropriate person. Please allow up to 5 days for a response. Thank you!


  Name Email Address Reports To:

President Hilary Dietz president@hightowerpta.org  
VP-1 - Membership Jennifer Tapp membership@hightowerpta.org President
VP-2 - Programs Jaime Lowe programs@hightowerpta.org President
VP-3 - Ways & Means Jennifer Mayes ways-and-means@hightowerpta.org President
VP-4 - Volunteers Jennie Loftis volunteers@hightowerpta.org President
VP-5 - Communications Tracy Duchouquette communications@hightowerpta.org President
Secretary Rhonda Kinsey secretary@hightowerpta.org President
Treasurer Ann-Sofie Lange treasurer@hightowerpta.org President
Parliamentarian Yolis Pelayo parliamentarian@hightowerpta.org President
Council Delegate/Legislative Adeela Syeda council-delegate@hightowerpta.org President
Executive Board      
Class Parties Gail Good class-parties@hightowerpta.org VP-4
Highlights Open highlights@hightowerpta.org VP-5
Hospitality-Teacher Appreciation Week Darlene Woodson-Smith hospitality@hightowerpta.org VP-1
MTK Shelly Stevenson toolkit@hightowerpta.org VP-1
Special Programs Jane Ko  special-programs@hightowerpta.org VP-2
Spirit Wear Elizabeth Bott  spirit-wear@hightowerpta.org VP-3
Website Tara McCoy website@hightowerpta.org VP-5
Workroom  Michele Anchia  workroom@hightowerpta.org VP-4
Yearbook Becca Berry-Cacioppo yearbook@hightowerpta.org VP-3
Youth Protection Candice Duvall youth-protection@hightowerpta.org VP-2
Committee Chairs      
Arts in Education Kara McSweeney arts-in-education@hightowerpta.org VP-2
Banking Day Tania Carlson  banking-day@hightowerpta.org VP-2
Bicycle Rodeo Robert Roling  bicycle-rodeo@hightowerpta.org VP-2
Book Fair Laura Adcock  book-fair@hightowerpta.org VP-3
Boxtops Amy Popp  boxtops@hightowerpta.org VP-3
5th Grade Celebration Ritu Gupta  celebration@hightowerpta.org VP-4
Community Outreach Sarah Zipser  community-outreach@hightowerpta.org VP-2
Corporate Sponsorships John Lowe partnerships@hightowerpta.org VP-3
Cultural Diversity Kirsten De Gregorio  diversity@hightowerpta.org VP-2
eNews/ROAR Bridgette Hartley  enews@hightowerpta.org VP-5
Family Picnic Holly Conant  family-picnic@hightowerpta.org VP-2
Field Day Tony Cacioppo  field-day@hightowerpta.org VP-4
FitFest Rebecca White  fit-kids@hightowerpta.org VP-3
Hospitality-Celebrations Jori Shapiro staff-celebrations@hightowerpta.org VP-1
Hospitality-Luncheons Robert Smith hospitality-luncheons@hightowerpta.org VP-1
Library Jessica Perez  library@hightowerpta.org VP-4
Paw Printer Raquel Myers  paw-printer@hightowerpta.org VP-4
Recycling Diane Hatfield  recycling@hightowerpta.org VP-3
Senior Scholarship/Reunion Lauri Aviles  senior-scholarship@hightowerpta.org VP-2
Silent Auction Katie Drexel  auction@hightowerpta.org VP-3
School Store Shereen Orensten  school-store@hightowerpta.org VP-3
School Supplies Rebecca Doumani  school-supplies@hightowerpta.org VP-3
Social Media Genie Smith  social-media@hightowerpta.org


STEAM Event Susanna Milam science-event@hightowerpta.org


Treasurer Assistant Andrea Rahn  treasurer-assistant@hightowerpta.org


Veterans Day Wendy Rocco  veterans-day@hightowerpta.org




For any PTA Communications requests, please contact the Communications Team at communicationsteam@hightowerpta.org. The Communications Team includes VP-5 - Communications and the following chairs: eNews/ROAR, Highlights, Social Media, and Website. Please allow a 48-hour turnaround. Thanks! 





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School/Office Hours

First Day of School:
Wednesday, August 12, 2020

School Hours:
7:00am - Gym doors open
7:15am - Breakfast in Cafeteria 
7:30am - Front doors open
7:40am - Class begins
2:45pm - School day ends
3:30pm - Building closed to students

School Store:
7:30-7:40am - Each Wednesday