Please make note of the following carpool rules and city/state laws to ensure that our Hightower families are able to arrive to and depart from school safely. 







Have patience and be kind to our fellow Hightower families! 


Plano Traffic Hotline
(972) 941-5483


Plano Police Department (Non-Emergency)
(972) 941-7900 or (972) 424-5678











For Arrival and Dismissal

  • Please arrive at 2:55 pm to pick up your children. Hightower dismisses at 2:55 pm. By 3pm, Hightower teachers need to go back to planning with their teams.
  • Please cross at the crosswalk. It is not safe for our students to cross amidst traffic even if they are with a parent. Please set a good example for your child(ren) by crossing Decator Drive at the crosswalk ONLY!
  • Please have your carpool tag displayed at all times in the carpool lane. Do not put it away until your child is in the car with you.
  • Please do not block the crosswalk or the entrance/exit to the school carpool lanes.
  • Please pull all the way forward in the carpool lane.
  • Our carpool lane has one-way traffic. Please be mindful of that and not make a U-turn in the carpool lane or in the front parking lot.
  • Please do not speed in a school zone! It is unlawful.
  • Please stay off your mobile device until you have left the school zone.
  • Most of all, please be kind to the staff who are assisting your child(ren) during dismissal. It is very hot outside and we are trying our very best to dismiss all 470+ students on our campus accurately and safely.