We love our Hightower teachers and staff, and think it's fun to treat them, too!


Check out the links below to find your favorite teacher or staff member and view a list of their favorite things. If your favorite staff member's information is missing or you have questions, please contact Hightower PTA at Ask@HightowerPTA.org 




 Ms. Jackie Guida

Ms. Abby Loudenback

Ms. Susan Pape


Ms. Alyssa Chowaniec

Ms. Alexia Gladney

Ms. Candace Hughes

Ms. Kathryn Pickle

Ms. Jennifer Huang

Ms. Veronica Felts

Ms. Natalie Rushing

Ms. Emily Stolle

 Ms. Vicki Jaco

Ms. Lauren Holtzman

Ms. Robin Ollison

Ms. Cheryl Stuart

Ms. Oksana Braun

Ms. Carson Kruder

Ms. Elizabeth Laser-Karesh

Ms. Lalena Rushing

Ms. Ruth Muturi

Mr. Patrick Quinlan

Ms. Megan Sibley

Ms. Kristina Morrow - Music
Ms. Erin Rowe - Art 

Coach Derrius Alexander  - PE

Coach Jessica Dedmon - PE



Ms. Bonnie Farrell

Ms. Abbie Harris

Ms. Avalahn Smithson

Ms. Leslie Kresky

Ms. Chelsea LeBlanc

Mr. Jeremiah Mergerson

Ms. Shaw Henderson


Ms. Nastaran Aghighi

Ms. Lauren Clark

Ms. Naila Taher

Ms. Paulina Cerda

Ms. Farah Jannesar

Ms. Michelle Bonicelli

Ms. Katelyn Matheus

Dr. Catherine Kelly (Principal)

Dr. Kalvin Burkley (Assistant Principal)

Mrs. Kim Boulter (Office Manager)

Mrs. Patti Keller (Secretary)

Ms. Sarah Harding(School Nurse)

Mrs. Aubrey Nell (Counselor)


Mr. Jonathan Froman (IT Support)

Ms. Sheila Swearingen (PACE)

Ms. Sharon Sowry (Instructional Specialist)

Ms. Jenna Nance (ESL)


Ms. Lindsay Loehrlein  (Speech)

Mr. Temo (Custodian)

 Ms. Amy Lopez (Dyslexia Support)

Ms. Melinda Carr (Librarian)