We love our Hightower teachers and staff, and think it's fun to treat them, too!

Check out the links below to find your favorite teacher or staff member and view a list of their favorite things. If your favorite staff member's information is missing, please have them send it to Jean Ramirez, VP5-Communications, at Communications@HightowerPTA.org 


Mrs. Brown

Mrs. Ngene

Ms. Sipes

Mrs. Odom-Stephens

Mrs. Candelaria

Ms. Guida

Mrs. Pape

Mrs. Pickle

Ms. Huang

Ms. McCullough

Mrs. Nance

Ms. Pedrie

Mrs. Jaco

Ms. Lattman

Mrs. Ollison

Mrs. Reed

Mrs. Eddy

Mrs. Karesh

Ms. Kemendo

Ms. Koch

Mrs. Venable

Mrs. High

Mrs. Muturi

Mr. Quinlan

Mrs. Sibley

CSC Teachers

Ms. Braun

Ms. Shteyn - Coming Soon!

Ms. Taher - Coming Soon!

Ms. White - Coming Soon!

Special Education Teachers 

Ms. Bahrami  - Coming Soon!

Ms. Dyche

Ms. Farahnaz - Coming Soon!

Ms. Fenn  - Coming Soon!

Ms. Hudgins

Ms. Jones

Mrs. Vaishali - Coming Soon!

Coach Bonsukan (PE)
Coach Clark (PE)
Coach Ycaza (PE)

Ms. Dumas (Music)
Ms. Rowe (Art) 

Mrs. Cosentino (Librarian)

Mr. Froman (IT Support) - Coming Soon!

Mrs. Swearingen (PACE)

Ms. Sowry (Instructional Specialist)

Ms. Park (ESL)

Ms. Waisner (Speech)

Mrs. Boulter (School Secretary)

Mrs. Clever (School Nurse)

Mr. Crowson (Assistant Principal)

Mrs. Lorenzi (Office Manager) - Coming Soon!
Mrs. Nell (Counselor)

Mrs. Sprott (Principal)



Get Social

School/Office Hours

First Day of School:
Wednesday, August 12, 2020

School Hours:
7:00am - Gym doors open
7:15am - Breakfast in Cafeteria 
7:30am - Front doors open
7:40am - Class begins
2:45pm - School day ends
3:30pm - Building closed to students

School Store:
7:30-7:40am - Each Wednesday