Watch D.O.G.S. is a family and community engagement program utilizing the positive influence of fathers and father-figures for two purposes. 1) To provide positive male role models for students, and 2) to provide extra sets of eyes and ears to enhance school security. 


Watch D.O.G.S. will serve as a role model for all kids in the school, while working with their own child's class at recess, specials, and lunch times. Your Watch D.O.G.S. day will begin at 7:30 with morning carpool and conclude at 3:00. No experience is required.


**If you have multiple kids at the school, consider signing up for multiple days. Due to scheduling, you will only be able to follow one child around. 


In order to volunteer, you must have an approved background check through Plano Voly



Watch D.O.G.S. Sign-up



For more information about the program, go to Dads of Great Students.



Questions?  Please contact Justin Adcock, Youth Protection Chair at