To make this event successful, we need your help! Please consider signing up to represent a country or just volunteer for a general shift and help around the room.


We LOVE new volunteers! We have many experienced Cultural Diversity Day volunteers to help guide you on preparations and on the day of the event! Please reach out if you are interested or have any questions.




Cultural Diversity Day is a fun and interactive event for the students, typically held in the school gym, where volunteers setup booths (tables), each representing a different country. The students get to “travel” around the world in small groups stopping at each country along the way. At each stop, the students learn interesting facts and/or participate in a short activity related to that country, and have their passport stamped.


Some examples of interesting facts or activities learned at each booth are learning about the food or cultural attire, performing a traditional song/dance, or learning to say a few words in the country’s language.


Please note this event is for students only, held indoors during the school day and not open to visitors. Any parents present must be pre-approved volunteers. Thank you for your understanding.




Booths are tables designed and setup by the representative for that country. Each booth must have a display board*, at minimum, and may include other display items such as cookbooks, traditional headwear or instruments, etc.


  • Tables, table coverings, and display boards are provided by the school and PTA. The PTA has
    several display boards created and ready to use. However, you are welcome to create a new one.




Country representative’s setup and prepare their table booth, then share information or do a short optional activity with the students who visit their booth.


  • Representatives are responsible for setting up their display and preparing for the information they will share or the optional activity in advance. All additional booth display items must be pre-approved, and no food may be served. Representatives will also stamp each student’s passport who visits their booth.
  • Cultural costumes are highly encouraged for all volunteers and students but not mandatory. Please NO Halloween/Superhero costumes.




  • Passports are paper booklets designed and printed by the PTA, 1 page per country, with space for students to fill in information they learn during Tiger TV or on the day of the event.
  • Tiger TV - During the weeks of November 6th and November 13th, we will have students read a few facts about each country on Tiger TV. The students will listen and write the information in the passports provided in their classrooms. Most of the information will be filled out for them except the interesting facts. If you have a student interested in being on Tiger TV to represent your country, we need the student’s name, grade and teacher’s name, so they can be allowed to be in the library during the announcement time. The student must put their backpack in their classroom and be in the library at 7:30am on that given day.




Two weeks leading up to Cultural Diversity Day, passports are distributed to all students and each morning on Tiger TV a different student shares a fact about a country, which students will write in their passports.


The day of the event will begin with setup at 7:30am, students will come between 8:40am and 2:35pm, followed immediately by clean up until 3:15pm.


  • The event will be held in Hightower ‘s gym, and each grade will participate during their Specials time as follows:


    • 4th Grade: 8:40-9:30
    • 3rd Grade: 9:35-10:25
    • Kinder: 10:30-11:20
    • 1st Grade: 11:25-12:15
    • Volunteer Lunch Break 12:15-12:45
    • 2nd Grade: 12:50-1:40
    • 5th Grade: 1:45-2:35


Students will rotate in small groups of 5-6 students to each booth to hear a 2–3 minute explanation or
optional activity (depending on how many booths we have), then move to the next booth.




  • No food or drink may be provided to the children during the cultural diversity event. All volunteers will have bottled water available to them throughout the day and full day volunteers will receive lunch.
  • If your country, can’t have a volunteer for the whole day or if you would like to volunteer for part of the day as a floater to fill in at various booths as needed, please let us know in your sign up.
  • Siblings and/or non-Hightower children are not allowed at the event, as this is school policy for all activities.
  • You may take pictures of your child and may share, publish, post pictures of your children. However, parents are strictly prohibited from doing the same with pictures taken of other children/students not their own. Videotaping at Cultural Diversity Day is strictly prohibited.




  • We need many parent volunteers, so that each country has at least one person to represent and setup that country’s booth. It is preferable that each country has two volunteers. We also need general volunteers who can help with student rotations, stamping passports and filling in at booths.
  • If you are interested in representing a country or volunteering on the day of the event, click the link below to sign up. All volunteers must have completed their background checks on Voly.



Questions? Please contact Hyeilin Ham Vick, Cultural Diversity Chair at